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The dollar breakdown and who benefits.

Updated: Jun 20, 2023 Watch the video for commentary.

$AUDJPY bottomed in mid march (Gasoline elders bars)

$CADUSD-the Canadian dollar has a new buy signal. Will oil follow?

$GBPUSD stay long #pause

$DX_F-The dollar... the tape looks weak

The Mexican peso continues to be the best performing currency against the dollar.

$BTCUSD Bitcoin is still holding on to the new primary uptrend. However the tape is looking weak at the moment. I still think we will move higher but I would like to see bitcoin prove its worth.



Inter market analysis and breadth

Banks vs gold at an inflection point

Copper vs Gold

Commodities against bonds: Between signals.

Bonds, stocks and gold vs commodities

Nasdaq vs small caps

SPX and equal weight spy(RSP)

SMH against the dow

NYSE bull bear indicator




Lumber looks like this is the next commodity to take off.

Corn-take buy signals.

Soybean oil-take buy signals.


Wheat ready to buy!


Corn (white) Cattle (blue)






Junk bonds

New move? Emerging markets

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