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Monthly Digest | December 2021

Analyzing the key trends, events, and factors that drove market behavior in December 2021. Let's explore the pages of December 2021's trading chronicle together, unlocking the secrets that unfolded in the realm of stocks and investments.

December 01 2021

December 02 2021

Position sizing is incredibly important. This is the reason why I try to keep my max drawdowns around 20-25%

Another example.

December 06 2021

December 07 2021

New interview with Tony Greer. We just recorded this yesterday so it’s fresh.

December 08 2021

Thoughts on NG:

  • Natural gas has a tendency to really, really overshoot to the downside when an event is missed. We were supposed to see a cooling event last week that didn’t happen.

  • It absolutely will. The spreads are telling us that supply is tight. Implied volatility is at a major premium. COT report is in a buy signal.

  • I think this is a classic bearish mistake in the NG market going into to the winter months. Watch for a reversal signal

Time to buy Carbon

Don’t confuse the top of a chart with resistance

Headline of the day

December 10 2021

That’s where my whole thought on that subject started. I basically just look for the leaders after that.

December 14 2021

Watch for a turn around Tuesday today. The set up is there.

December 16 2021

December 20 2021

Global macro is the willingness to opportunistically look at every idea that comes along, from micro situations to country-specific situations, across every asset category and every country in the world. It’s the combination of a broad top-down country analysis with a bottom-up micro analysis of companies. In many cases, after we make our country decisions, we then drill down and analyze the companies in the sectors that should do well in light of our macro view.

I never lock myself down to investing in one style or in one country because the greatest trade in the world could be happening somewhere else. My advice is to make sure that you do not become too much of an expert in one area. Even if you see an area that is inefficient today, it’s likely that it won’t be inefficient tomorrow. Expertise is overrated.

December 21 2021

December 22 2021

Palladium has a major set up with major commercial buying

Natural gas is trying to put in a bottom. As I’ve mentioned. If anything and I mean anything happens to natural gas. We will see a massive spike in prices.

We had some great trades in the hog market this past year but it’s been flat ever since. Prices stalled

Now we are seeing some major moves that are bringing us to be on the bullish side.

Lean Hogs and may have begun buying time to see when Chinese demand for pork comes back in as the hog rebuilding phase in china gets rolling in 2022.

It will take time to rebuild the gears. I am in the Dec 2022 contract which is breaking out

I’m going to make a video going over the markets tomorrow.

December 23 2021

December 28 2021

December 29 2021

Eth with a band squeeze. Look for a break out.

Risk on indicator starting to say that this rally is sustainable

December 30 2021

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