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Monthly Digest | December 2020

Analyzing the key trends, events, and factors that drove market behavior in December 2020. Let's explore the pages of December 2020's trading chronicle together, unlocking the secrets that unfolded in the realm of stocks and investments.

December 01 2020

2 things to be said about this

One and this is the most important. There is 272736272627252735386 things to trade. Thinking in all stocks, gold, ag, bonds, crypto is a waste

Most of the time when commodity cycles are trending they will flow back to the lagging commodity class

This seemed like a sentiment washout. I’ll continue to hold my crypto positions because bitcoin could pass 20k and never look back, But to go all in when we have a lot of great values out here...

Sentiment wash out. I’ll be paying attention and looking for our buy signals in the miners this week

Tips and gold major divergence

Gold and real yields inverted

Yields 30-40%less than expected. Ice storm also hurt more than people realized. Farmers are going to sell this crop cheap sadly. Cotton

NYAD at a new high today. Lets see where it closes

There was this terrible song that use to play at the bike park when we were kids. It said something like beauty in the breakdown. Finally I get it

The dollar breaking down

Because we bought X... am I now a value investor.

Silver up almost 7% today. It looks like a bottom. And we all know I’m an ass man so we like bottoms in here. But it also might not be a bottom. Anyone remember the story with the girl I called “tricking” with the 4 bra’s

Tricks can happen that also make bottoms 👀 💯

But then you pull everything off and you are left with... nothing.

I have some news and the market has been saying it all along. We will have a vaccine soon and it will be public by early next year. At least 7 of them

December 02 2020

What was the best part of the gold move today. Bonds went the opposite way. We need that correlation to break down

What if I said I know bitcoin will hit 37k. Will it look like I know some shit - I don’t. That is the projected move though. Night all lol

First week of December is famously known for tax loss selling. Prepare for turbulence in the short term

Oil bouncing off of its break out zone.

Cotton may look large but it’s not very volatile. Sugar put in a major reversal today

Turn around Tuesday

A mistake I made earlier this year was being too bearish in April. I said I would not make that same mistake again. If the right opportunity presents itself. As short term traders the best we get sometime is when everything links up well for a trade. Heavy short interest. Oversold to long term support levels. Election catalyst. Strong seasonality. Hated rally.

All of this made november a good month.

Look for natural gas to make a higher low right here. Stop at the November low.

December 03 2020

On price action and 3 push rule

New high for inflation expectations

On Futures

Amzn continues to consolidate but if it gets going it’s not going to stop

December 04 2020

Added a new one for diversification this month. Canola

Cotton. We have been talking about the fundamentals this month. But when to buy?

Soon. Very soon

Platinum broke out. Don’t be afraid to buy strength

Platinum was the first mover weeks ago. It’s continued to outperform ever since. Holding from the flag break out. I guess you can’t call that a flag. Long from the ugly base thing lol

Speaking of 39 inches

Rotations, pull backs and new leaders. Nice flag break out in small caps today

Strong Friday’s can lead to strong Monday’s

OIH put in one hell of a week. 7.26% up on the day

December 05 2020

Something that the bears aren’t saying

I don’t see a ton of sell off potential to the end of the year. Actually I could easily see us rallying to 4000 by year end or near it. (I hate even numbers) if the potential for the market was dulled down because of covid. Then why wouldn’t it open up?

Fundamentally I see this rally as artificial but anyone would say that. It does not matter. Inflation expectations continue to move higher. One day that will be very bad for the market but right now we are in melt up mode

Positioning on a longer horizon isn’t extreme. Some systematic funds could be adding new index’s. IE energy, small caps, banks as well as Asian and European index’s

The dollar is fucked. That’s the technical term. Unless we have a black swan. We are in a low risk market. The only risk is, risk is low.

This usually leads to a melt up

Here’s the Soros story I talked about last week

Implementation and flexibility. You need to implement a trade in a way that limits your losses when you are wrong, and you also need to be able to recognize when a trade is wrong. George Soros has the least regret of anyone I have ever met. Even though he will sometimes play up to his public image as a guru who knows what is going on, it is in no sense what he does as a money manager. He has no emotional attachment to an idea. When a trade is wrong, he will just cut it, move on, and do something else. I remember one time he had this huge FX position. He made something like $250 million on it one day. He was quoted in the financial press talking about the position. It sounded like a major strategic veiw he had. Then the market went the other way, and the position just disappeared. It was gone. He didn’t like the price action, so he got out. He doesn’t let his structural views on how he believes the market will play out get in the way of his trading. That is what strikes me about really good money managers —- they don’t get attached to their ideas.

The main thing we will talk about is the possible next leg in the dollar. CADUSD leading. Good for energy markets.

MXNUSD the wildcard

 In the short term it has been the best performer

The yen. The most boring trade in macro.

Asian led economic recovery. Yeah. I still see it

On to dollar sensitive areas. EEM

Metals and Mining. No one wants to pay attention to it but damn we are moving

This thing has been a monster. FCX

EWZ Brazil. Just getting started

We talked about the pull back in the majors in the uranium space to the 200 day MA. This week we closed over the 200 week MA as well. This is a major change in the uranium space

The aussie dollar isnt the only thing thats bullish in that area.

Copper we have been bullish on copper for awhile here. Everyone is saying this move will end soon. As long as the bears are out. This will and can keep moving higher. This environment is a great environment for copper.

oil. And the day I learned stock charts sensors bad words

OIH look at the big picture

Look at the bigger picture

Follow the price action

OVX oil volatility falling hard

sugar short term.

 natty. Fucking natty

JNK TLT a broke ass credit spread chart

I am still short the long bond. I think this is when this party really gets started.

30 year yield green and copper to gold ratio in white

 small cap AD line at a new high!

Bull bear indicator

 silver to gold in elders bars. Gold in white

December 06 2020


One thing I want to bring up here. So I mentioned that unless we saw consolidation. Bitcoin would be a grede C breakout. Meaning Ill stay long but I wouldnt be interested in buying the break out

Right now we are consolidating and building to a move higher. This would be a grade B break out. Much better

December 07 2020

Yen long term

Someone said that that isn’t significant. 512 points in the dow

Umm that was 1998 the Dow was 8000. The Dow’s over 30000 today

My main trading platform is on IB and it’s down this morning. Yay. Break time

Melt up. And up

Ags are perking up nicely. This is exactly why I really enjoy trading a diverse group. Equities can get hit but commodities can rise. Bonds can move. Currencies can move. Crypto can move. Energy can move and so on...

You’ll never know where your biggest winners will come from.

December 08 2020

Traders almanac

Small-cap stocks tend to outperform big caps in January. Known as the “January Effect,” the tendency is clearly revealed by the graph below. Forty years of daily data for the Russell 2000 index of smaller companies are divided by the Russell 1000 index of largest companies, and then compressed into a single year to show an idealized yearly pattern. When the graph is descending, big blue chips are outperforming smaller companies; when the graph is rising, smaller companies are moving up faster than their larger brethren. In a typical year, the smaller fry stay on the sidelines while the big boys are on the field. Then, around early November, small stocks begin to wake up, and in mid-December they take off. Anticipated year-end dividends, payouts and bonuses could be a factor. Other major moves are quite evident just before Labor Day—possibly because individual investors are back from vacation. Small caps hold the lead through the beginning of June, though the bulk of the move is complete by early March.

Market Value of Global Negative Yielding Debt

Silver outside day up close yesterday from a tight range. Very bullish. Could we break up now?

The ingredients are there. I had a long signal for platinum, then silver, then the silver miners, then the miners. Gold put in a catapult signal Monday morning

I think we are ready

Watch for a reversal higher today. Gotta love Tuesday’s


December 09 2020

I’m not a big gap fill person. But on futures bitcoin has a big gap to fill.

Lumber. Does a double top lead me to take profits? No

It is a point to be cautious of.

Turn around Tuesday to a fuck you Wednesday

December 10 2020

Are we seeing a pattern yet. Dollar...



BTC still bullish

Another ridiculous financial myth - The constant fights between growth vs value

Look inside that value ETF one day. It’s just a group of left for dead stocks. They have even said - They pick growth stocks and then value is what’s leftover

December 11 2020

Dollar dollar bills


Adding to the 30 year bond short here

Bitcoin closed its futures gap. Let’s see how it reacts here. Russell already positive

Commodities are having a week. Russell fell. When 39 inching it goes wrong

Wheat is finally moving

NG has a buy signal. If you like torturing yourself

December 12 2020

The first of 7

Significant rainfall deficits

Good for soybean, coffee, sugar prices

Energy dividends much higher than utilities

December 13 2020

1 this week we are going to focus on actual trades

Wheat entered again this week